• Berlin Crime Watch

    With the Berlin Police Crime Watch app (Berliner Verbrechen) you will always have the latest information about crimes happening in one of Europe's most amazing and hyped capitals - Berlin.
    See the latest crimes as they unfold and search your Berlin neighbourhood for crimes and crime data.
    Computer Bild App of the Week!

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  • Hamburg Crime Watch

    After Berlin we are also offering a solution for all the citizens of Hamburg.
    See the latest crimes as they unfold and search your Hamburg neighbourhood for crimes and crime data.
    Computer Bild App of the Week!

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  • Philips Hue NFC

    Changing the state of your Philips Hue smart light bulbs could be cumbersome (unlock the phone, open app, find light settings, select the colour, turn on/off) What if you can use the NFC chip available on your device to predefine specific NFC tags and use your phone as an on/off switch with the added option to automatically change the colour and brightness of your Philips hue bulbs or group of bulbs by waving your phone over a NFC tag? We have just the right app.

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  • Walk and Text

    If you are the walking and texting type this is the only app you will ever need. You will never again run into another person or object while texting. Hitting those lamp posts is history with the best application on the Android Market - amazing features and hundreds of thousands satisfied customers! Walk and Text is also available on Apple's iOS and Bada 2.0

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  • Call Guard

    Call Guard is a call and sms screening app which will block all spam calls and text messages as per your preference. It is very customizable and has different features suited for every possible scenario and will even block outgoing calls to prevent your kids from making expensive calls. It is without doubt the best call and text messaging application available currently on the market

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  • Lost Droid

    Lost Droid is the ultimate tool to help you find your lost or stolen device or protect it from theft. With the help of remote commands you can control and wipe or lock your device. You can also use the app to track family members, due to its stealth capabilities.

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  • Spoty

    Spoty is our award winning location based reminder for Android. With Spoty you can control your spots, set up reminders, change the sound, vibration and wifi settings on your device and also block incoming calls.
    Spoty was selected by Google™ among hundreds of thousands of other apps to be a Featured app on the Android Market for 3 weeks in April 2011, just a few months after it was launched.

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  • Open WiFi Scanner

    Have you ever been walking and searching to find a free WiFi network? Always looking at your phone to see what networks are available? The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots giving you no vibration, sound or LED indication and always notifying you even if the open WiFi network is paid and draining the battery by running all the time?
    With the Open WiFi Scanner you can just scan and enjoy your walk.

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  • Emergency Button

    Emergency Panic Button is an app that must be pre-installed on all Android devices! Improve your own safety by installing this app on your phone and let everybody know you are in trouble by sending a short alert notification to your friends and family via email or text message. If you care for the safety of your family members or anyone you love install this application on their device.

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  • Hide Caller ID

    Hide Caller ID will help you block your number from showing up when you are calling somebody. The app will give you full control over when and how you want to block your caller id based on predefined settings. It is very easy to set up and requires only a few steps.

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  • SMS Blocker Pro

    SMS Blocker Pro is the slimmed down version of Call Guard. For all of you who do not need to block outgoing and incoming calls SMS Blocker is the alternative at an amazing price. Much like Call Guard there is a lite version of this app.

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  • Fake GPS Location

    Fake Gps location so you can post on Facebook ™, Twitter ™, Foursquare ™, Whatsapp ™, Google Maps ™, Navigation, Yelp ™, Navigon ™, TomTom ™ or any other app that uses your phone's locations. The app will overwrite your current location elegantly and the third party apps will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York on Times Square!

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  • Talking Caller ID

    In an effort to bring our apps to every user, even the users with disabilities we are bringing our new app, Talking Caller ID/Talking SMS to the Play Store. We are working hard to bring full control to every smartphone user even the visually impaired among us.

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  • Total Call Control

    Total Call Control, Shake2Call, is the ultimate app to control your calls without the use of the soft keys or the touch screen. With the help of the hardware keys and sensors you can easily control incoming and outgoing calls.

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  • Safe Drive

    Eliminate the temptation to reach out for your phone by letting Safe Drive respond to your incoming call and text messages. Safe Drive will also read them out load so that you can concentrate on the road and your driving.

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  • Cracked Screen

    A fun and addicting prank app available on Android phones. Fool your friends and colleagues into believing that they broke your phone - do they have an insurance?

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  • Whip It!

    As seen on the cult sitcom "The Big Bang Theory". Make The Whip sound with the shake of your device like Sheldon Cooper and Leonard. Make fun of epic fails, prank your friends, relatives, boss, motivate your employees... endless possibilities with this fun little prank app.

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News & Events

21st / Oct / 2014

Our solution for drivers, the app "Drive Safe", is a winner of the "Connected Intersections" in New York Challenge by AT&T. You can read more about the challenge here:
Connected Intersections Challenge
The app can be found on the Play Store and is completely free:
Drive Safe on the Play Store

10th / May / 2014

We have launched a new app called Philips Hue NFC Notifier. With the help of our app you can change the state of your smart Philips Hue and friends bulbs with an NFC tag and also use the Android notification system to change their colour when a new notification arrives. Check out the app here:
Philips Hue NFC

28th / March / 2014

Apple is filling to patent one of our apps, Walk N Text - Type n Walk as their own idea - good for them for being so "creative". It is always great to know that one of the most innovative companies in the world decide to copy our idea.
Apple 'invents' brilliant "transparent texting" solution that has already existed for years

11th / February / 2014

Incorporate Apps was selected among 60 (11 in the finals) very competitive teams from 4 countries to develop our idea for the "Experience Nuremberg Shopping" app. We are very pleased to win such an eventful competition and to be able to deliver an app for the city of Nuremberg which will greatly enhance the shopping and tourist experience in the city.
SeamlessCities App Developer Camp Winners announced

10th / December / 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have developed an app to help the citizens of Berlin and Hamburg identify potentially dangerous neighbourhoods and easily find crimes on a map. Available for Android.
Berlin Verbrechen
Hamburg Verbrechen

21th / March / 2013

In an effort to bring our apps to every user, even the users with disabilities we are bringing our new app, Talking Caller ID/Talking SMS to the Play Store. We are also working hard on our other call controlling app, "Total Call Control Pro", to bring full control to every smartphone user even the visually impaired among us. You can download the app here:
Talking Caller ID on the Google Play Store

1st / February / 2013

We have been part of the Mobiroo Store for almost a year now, but we are happy to announce the launch of their unique subscription model store - apps on demand, all you can eat for a simple monthly fee or about 2$. Who can resist? With about 10% market share on their exclusive store we feel very confident about their success!
Mobiroo Subscription Store
Mobiroo Giftcard Store

1st / January / 2013

A Very Happy New Year to all of you! We have more apps coming in 2013, thank you for the support!

29th / November / 2012

A new app to be used with our award winning Location Based Reminder Spoty - Fake GPS Location. The app can be used with any other 3rd party location app like Foursquare, Maps, Whatsapp etc.
Fake GPS Location on the Google Play Store

15th / September / 2012

We have teamed up with LG World to bring our apps to their platform. Most of the apps are already ported, stay tuned for more news.

15th / July / 2013

Yet another store where you can find our apps. The Mobiroo Gift Card Shop, a unique shopping experience with about 200 exclusive apps, 15 of which are from us, Incorporate Apps. Great news!
Mobiroo Giftcard Store

1st / June / 2012

We have moved! From now on you can find us on our new company address in the capital of Germany, Berlin!

29th / January / 2012

We are happy to announce that Walk and Text is now successfully ported on iOS and available on the Apple's Appstore for all supported devices (Iphone 3/3GS, 4, 4S, Ipod Touch 4G, Ipad 2). You can download it via the following link:
Walk and Text on the Itunes Appstore

11th / December / 2011

Our app Walk and Text is now successfully ported on Bada 2.0 and available on the SamsungApps Store for all available devices (Wave 3 at the moment, more will come when Samsung releases the new 2.0 firmware OTA). Here is a short video demonstration:
Walk and Text Bada 2.0

12th / October / 2011

Incorporate Apps teams up with Vodafone Global to offer some of our applications on their exclusive 360 App Store.

1st / October / 2011

Incorporate Apps teams up with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. to offer some of our applications on the SamsungApps Store for free. Promotion ends on 31/October/2011

28th / September / 2011

"Lost Droid" for Android. The only app you will need to control your mobile device in case it was stolen or lost.

more news