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[app challenge won] Incorporate Apps on the "Connected Intersections" in New York, a Challenge by AT&T

21st of October 2014

Our solution for drivers, "Drive Safe", is selected as a winner of the "Connected Intersections" in New York Challenge by AT&T sponsored by AT&T, NYU, NYC Media Lab and the "Challenge Post".
We are honoured to be selected as winners.
The app can be downloaded from our Play Store:
Drive Safe Play Store link
To find out more about the challenge please follow these press links:
Connected Intersections Developer Challenge
AT&T announces the winners of the "Intersections Developer Challenge"

[developer camp won] Incorporate Apps wins the Seamless Cities App Camp

11th of February 2014

Incorporate Apps was selected among 60 (11 in the finals) very competitive teams from 4 countries to develop our idea for the "Experience Nuremberg Shopping" app. We are very pleased to win such an eventful competition and to be able to deliver an app for the city of Nuremberg which will greatly enhance the shopping and tourist experience in the city.
SeamlessCities App Developer Camp Winners announced

[new app] Berlin and Hamburg Crime apps

10th of December 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have developed an app to help the citizens of Berlin and Hamburg identify potentially dangerous neighbourhoods and easily find crimes on a map. Available for Android.
Berlin Verbrechen
Hamburg Verbrechen

[new app] Talking Caller ID/Talking text message

21st of March 2013

In an effort to bring our apps to every user, even the users with disabilities or vision impairments we are bringing our new app, Talking Caller ID/Talking SMS on the Play Store. You can download the app here:
Talking Caller ID on the Google Play Store

Mobiroo.com launches their new Subscription Model

1st of February 2013

We have been part of the Mobiroo Store for almost a year now, but we are happy to announce the launch of their unique subscription model store - free apps on demand, all you can eat for a simple monthly fee or about 2$. Who can resist? With about 10% market share on their exclusive store we feel very confident about their success!
Mobiroo Subscription Store
Mobiroo Giftcard Store

[new app] Fake GPS Location for Android

29th of November 2012

The idea of this app was to give the users of our award winning and featured app Spoty - Location Based reminder and profiles an easy way to test different location settings. However, it turns out they find more ways to use it with third party apps like Faqcebook, Foursquare, Google Maps, Whats App, Yelp and many more. You can download it following this link:
Fake GPS Location

Incorporate Apps teams up with LG World!

15th of September 2012

After Samsung, Vodafone, Amazon, Mobiroo we couldn't miss the opportunity to bring our apps to the second largest market in Asia and especially South Korea. When LG approached us we had no other option, but to say yes and get to work to port our apps there. One more place where you can download our apps!

Incorporate Apps on Mobiroo.com GiftCards Store!

15th of June 2012

Mobiroo.com have an interesting and unique business model - exclusive App Store with only 200 hand picked and tested apps. Users can shop for Gift Cards which gives them access to this exclusive Store and rebates. What's even better is that we have all of our apps on their Store and as such a big chunk of the total number of available applications! Mobiroo's Store can be found here:
Mobiroo Giftcard Store

We moved to Berlin!

1st of June 2012

Berlin is the Mecca for all startups in Germany and we are proud to be part of this special city, the Silicon Allee of Germany if you will. We are very excited and are looking forward to expanding the company to the fullest potential. Berlin, here we come! You can still contact us via the support email, sales email or general contact information. Thank you for the support!

[iOS] Walk and Text for iOS (Iphone and Ipad)

29th of January 2012

We are happy to announce that Walk and Text is now successfully ported on iOS and available on the Apple's Appstore for all supported devices (Iphone 3/3GS, 4, 4S, Ipod Touch 4G, Ipad 2). You can download it via the following link:
Walk and Text on the Itunes Appstore

[new app] Walk and Text for Bada 2.0

11th of December 2011

We are happy to announce that Walk and Text is now successfully ported on iOS and available on the Apple's Appstore for all supported devices (Iphone 3/GS, 4, 4S, Ipod Touch 4G, Ipad1/2). You can download it via the following link:
Walk and Text on the Itunes Appstore

Incorporate Apps teams up with Vodafone Global to offer some of our applications on their exclusive 360 App Store.

12th of October 2011

Vodafone has a brand new online platform for selling Android games and apps and we are very proud to be a part of it. On the new 360 Appstore only invited developers and companies can publish their apps after they have been extensively reviewed and tested by the Vodafone certification team for publication. Currently we offer 4 of our apps, Walk and Text, Lost Droid, Call Guard and Open WiFi Scanner, but more are to follow. Selected countries and devices have the privilege and are allowed to download apps from the 360 Store and at the moment we offer our amazing apps in Germany, Unites Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Russia.

Incorporate Apps teams up with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

1st of October 2011

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and the SamsungApps Store to offer some of our paid applications for free for a very limited time. SamsungApps has selected four of our applications among the hundreds of thousands other applications on the Android Market to participate in this one time exclusive offer for all the Latin American Samsung customers. The offer is exclusive to Samsung devices with a preinstalled SamsungApps application.
Go get your freebies soon, because the offer will expire within a couple of days on the 31. October 2011!

[new app] "Lost Droid" our Anti-Theft solution has been launched

28th of September 2011

"Lost Droid" for Android. The only app you will need to control your mobile device in case it was stolen or lost. Lost Droid is the ultimate tool to help you find your lost or stolen device, protect it from theft. Forget about any other app you might have heard of! Lost Droid is the most affordable, advanced and feature rich app on the Market. You can also use the app to track family members, if worried, due to its stealth capabilities.

[new app] "Total Call Control" for Android is now available

24th of September 2011

"Total Call Control" PRO will help you control your incoming and outgoing calls with the help of the hardware keys and sensors. We are proud to announce that we made it possible to pick up a phone call on Android Gingerbread and above.

[new app] "Amazon™ FAOD Notifier" for Android devices

10th of June 2011

The Amazon™ Appstore offers a paid app for free each day. How many times have you forgotten to download the giveaway, because you were too busy or simply forgot? The Amazon FAOD Notifier will save you hundreds of dollars by reminding you of the free app every day!

[new app] "Hide Caller ID" for Android available now

4th of August 2011

With the help of our new app, "Hide Caller ID" for Android you will be able to easily switch your visibility when making calls. "Hide Caller ID" will help you block your number from showing up when you are calling somebody. The app will give you full control over when and how you want to block your caller id based on predefined settings. It is very easy to set up and requires only a few steps.

[new app] "Call Guard" for Android has been launched

20th of April 2011

"Call Guard", our one of a kind solution for blocking unwanted spam text messages and calls is available on the Android Market. With "Call Guard" you can block incoming calls or text messages or outgoing calls. "Call Guard" has very advanced features and also allows you to set up filter groups and customize those groups to block calls at specific time and days of the week and reply to the blocked events with a text message.

[new app] "Emergency Panic Button" for Android

14th of March 2011

"Emergency Panic Button", the ultimate tool when you are in trouble and need assistance or help. Emergency is an app that must be pre-installed on all Android devices and we are working hard on bringing it to your device! Improve your own safety by installing this app and letting everybody know you are in trouble by sending a short alert notification to your friends/family via email or SMS/text message. If you care for the safety of your family members, loved ones, let them know about this App.

[new app] "Open WiFi Scanner" for Android

14th of March 2011

The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots is lacking customization. It gives you no vibration, sound or LED indication and is always notifying you even if the open WiFi network is paid and draining the battery by running all the time. This is why we developed the Open WiFi Scanner,our goal was to simplify this process and help you lower your data costs by using the free WiFi networks around you when possible. The app is especially useful if you are in a foreign city or country.

[new app] "Battery Percentage Notifier" for Android

7th of February 2011

The "Battery Percentage Notifier" is the missing battery information from the stock android operating system. Different status bar icons showing you all the information you need plus a direct link in your status bar to your battery usage statistics.

[new app] "Walk and Text" for Android

23rd of January 2011

"Walk and Text" is our one of a kind solution for the walking and texting types out there. This is the only app you will ever need. You will never again run into another person or object while texting, hitting those lamp posts is history.

[new app] "Spoty" for Android

10th of January 2011

"Spoty" is a location based reminder, profile changer and call blocker all in one. With the help of Spoty you can define places to be notified of events (Eg: "buy milk when around the groceries"), notify others of your departure (Eg: "Kids, will pick you up in 5 minutes, just left the house"), change the profiles (Eg: at the cinema or school) or simply set up numbers to block when within a certain proximity. Spoty has extended battery saving features which could be customized by the user in order to minimize the battery drainage.